Choosing the right car insurance can be tough.

Southern Homes Insurance makes it easy for you to compare car insurance options and customize coverage to fit your needs. We are here for you, when you need us, with helpful guidance.  Your auto insurance policy includes more than just coverage for your vehicle. It may also include some added benefits (some that are standard, some you can add) that can help make your insurance experience as hassle-free as possible.

Your time is important, and we’ll try to get you through the quote process as quickly as possible. In many cases we can fill your vehicle information in automatically based on public records, but to make things easier, it’s best if you have the following information nearby:

  • Your current policy (if you have one) – this is helpful as a reference so you know what coverages you currently have
  • Driving record information from the last five years (including accidents, violations and claims) for all drivers you’d like included on your policy
  • Driver’s license number(s)
  • Your car’s make, model and year, as well as its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The odometer reading for each car you’d like an insurance quote for
  • The location where your vehicles are typically parked

Making sure you know this information guarantees that you get the most accurate quote possible.

You can also check out this Consumer Reports Guide to car insurance for more information.

Let our professional staff of experienced agents help you.  We are just a quick phone call away.  We will find you a great policy with the coverages you are looking for.  We also guarantee that we always give you the most affordable coverage we can find.  Our goal is to make you happy.


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