Motorcycle Insurance

Southern Homes Insurance understands It’s your bike, and you deserve the best motorcycle insurance coverage. Whether it’s a midweek cruise or a weekend trip with friends, your thoughts are far away from insurance – and we’d like to keep it that way.  Whether you operate a motorcycle, scooter, moped, or other type of motorbike, you must protect yourself and your bike with adequate motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance offers the following protection:

Most motorcycle insurance is similar to what you might expect on your standard auto policy.  It covers areas such as:

  • Motorcycle Damage
  • Liability Protection
  • Motorcycle Accessories

Don’t think motorcycle insurance is in your budget? It may be more reasonable than you think thanks to several discount opportunities including:

  • Multiple motorcycle coverage
  • Experienced driver discount
  • Loyalty discount for having multiple insurance policies
  • Coverage renewals
  • Completion and certification for qualified safety courses

We’re here to help you protect your hobby and mode of transportation. The quicker you call, the better of you’ll be riding your favorite toy.

If you are looking to save a little money on your motorcycle insurance, you should consider taking a motorcycle safety class. These classes are relatively inexpensive and only take a weekend or two of your time. During the course, you will learn everything you will need to know about riding safety and will spend a great deal of time on a bike learning how to properly operate and control it in a wide variety of scenarios.

Our long-term success writing motorcycle insurance has been earned by focusing on the unique needs of riders and their passion for bikes. It’s why so many of riders have entrusted Southern Homes Insurance to protect them and their motorcycles. We hope you will, too.  Come let us give you a quote and get you on the road today.

Motorcycle Insurance